Results And Running Orders!

The charts below reflect Sport Final Results, Sport US Team Invitations, Speed Final Results, Speed US Team Invitations and National Team Champions as part of the 2015 Sport & Speed Youth National Championships.

2015 National Team Championship Results

Sport Place & Invites

Male & Female US Team Sport Invitations

Sport Final Results

Male & Female Sport Final Results

Sport Semi-Final Results

Semi-Final Sport Results (Male Youth-A, C & D and Female Junior & Youth-B)

Semi-Final Sport Results (Male Junior & Male-B and Female Youth-A, C & D)

Sport Final Running Orders

Male & Female Sport Final Running Orders

Sport Qualifier Results

Female Qualifier Results

Male Qualifier Results

Speed Place & Invites

Male & Female US Team Speed Invitations

Speed Final Results

Male & Female Speed Final Results

Speed Semi-Final Results

Female Semi-Final Results

Male Semi-Final Results

Speed Overview for the 2015 National Championships

Speed Overview: Junior, Youth-A & Youth-B

Speed Overview: Youth-C & Youth-D

All Sport Youth Championship competitors should refer to this document when reading the results from the Sport & Speed Championship competitions.

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